Marimba tropicana plays tropical taste music of the world

Cuba,Brazil,Jamaica,Puerto rico,Hawaii,Okinawa,etc.


1997   They are Formation and Live Activity Start at Front-Man Masashi Ono's Appeal.

1999   Debut CD "Marimba Tropicana" Sale from Respect Record  

1 Hour with Music Festival Performance of NHKFM Yokohama, and Live Broadcast.

The NHK Hi-Vision TV"Tokimeki wide" one-week performance  

live / Sweet Basil

2000   Second CD "Danca y Sol" Sale

It appears on NHKFM "Session 505."

2001  It is Joint with Orchestra and is Christmas Album.

Marimba Tropicana & tropical symphony orchestra "Plays X'mas Songs" sale.

The live / Odaiba TLG.etc

2006  Register with the Tokyo licensed street performer.

The live on the street is developed.

2010  It is CD "Mokkin Heaven" sale from Candy Records.

2012  It is CD "Mokkin Heaven 2" sale from Candy Records.


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Spanish will be alright,maybe.